We all like to think we are creative autonomous beings

But accelerators make all businesses look the same


The goal of the accelerator is to get you VC money

VC businesses have to look a certain way

And when you look a certain way to get VC money you have tied yourself to the VC’s economic goal and time frame

And booom you have traded your time for money

Which is basically time slavery, no?



I don’t remember who said this to me.

All I remember is I was in a field in some suburban town taking a break from some god awful client workshop.

But it was a question that floored me.

I had never actually thought about what I wanted in the world. Working hard = being busy = success

Have you asked yourself which of these three would you rather be ?

Founder 1: Runs startup for five years. Sells for ~$100M. Makes $30M.

Founder 2: Running startup for ten years (and counting). Valued at ~$1B. Founder shares valued at $30M.

Founder 3: The Mexican fisherman


What would happen if you put time freedom at the top of your tree?



Alex Dunsdon

Alex Dunsdon


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