What Would Happen If You Drew Your Picture ?

Alex Dunsdon
2 min readMay 12, 2021

What would you do with your time if you had all the money”

People say tech changes the world. True.

But helping the 7 billion people who have talent but not opportunity feels bigger to us.

There are lots of reasons people get lost and stuck — they were born in the wrong place, their parents messed up the programming, their school was terrible, their brains worked a bit different to others, they went to prison, they get addicted to the money crack in a proper job……..the list is long.

And so the world is like this big broken battery with loads of wasted potential energy.

We want to help get more people into the right seat by helping them create the economic engines that fit round them and their uniqueness ie:

Peet loves climate — he’s never run a fund before — we cornerstone him

Lee is a street hustler who grew up on Liverpool streets — we set up a marketplace business with him PPE for the people

Calum grew up on council estate — we make him CTO of Redbrain

But to help them do that we have to know what they want in the world

One thing that seems to work is drawing your picture

Then your subconscious can help you

Here’s my picture

I realised a few important things when i did it.

  1. I don’t want to retire at a certain age — what I do is too fun
  2. I am here to serve others and help people up ladders
  3. I stopped a battle between working hard / needing achievement and want creating time freedom
  4. I want to help people in mental prisons / without opportunity create the economic engines that help humanity.

What’s yours?

Try it here.

Feel free to send it into team@potential.com



Alex Dunsdon

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