What Happens if you put Time Freedom at the top of your tree ?

Alex Dunsdon
May 8, 2021

I don’t remember who said this to me.

All I remember is I was in a field in some suburban town taking a break from some god awful client workshop.

But it was a question that floored me.

I had never actually thought about what I wanted in the world. Working hard = being busy = success

Have you asked yourself which of these three would you rather be ?

Founder 1: Runs startup for five years. Sells for ~$100M. Makes $30M.

Founder 2: Running startup for ten years (and counting). Valued at ~$1B. Founder shares valued at $30M.

Founder 3: The Mexican fisherman


What would happen if you put time freedom at the top of your tree?



Alex Dunsdon

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