WTF is Potential?

Alex Dunsdon
3 min readMay 7, 2021

-- is an organisation that comes from the head of Doug Scott and myself …..👀


I have ADD. Doug went to a shit school. We never felt like we ‘fitted in’. Linear institutions didn’t serve us and all the linkybrains fun we had made us realise we weren’t alone.

Then we had a look at all the business we’d built and the companies we had invested in. We saw a clear pattern — helping outsiders.

We never cared where people came from….only where they could go next

So this is the problem we want to solve…but this time consciously.

People say that tech changes the world.Sure.

But we think actually that getting people in the right seat is what changes the world most. Here are the things we want to do…

  1. Create pivotal moments in people’s lives
  2. Help get them in the right seat where work feels like play
  3. Create time freedom
  4. Then they can create ripples in the world and do good

What We Have Done So Far

We are experimenting but currently have something called Potential playground Inc. where people help on Potential Projects. These people are:
Mike Sutton lived in a garage . He now runs Decksender
Lee Parry watched people get knifed in his street. Now runs one the fastest growing medical supplies businesses in the world.

Will Viles, Shaazia Ebrahim and Emma Bell basically run the show. They used to be bored with proper jobs in Ecomm, Private Equity and Marketing.
Kushal Patel and Andin Farrel are engineers getting some mad realisations.

Tom Haleminh was a monk, now he’s building an NFT ;))

The pattern so far seems to be
— Psychologically we help them escape from mental prisons
— Practically we give them resources (money, time, network, wisdom etc) that gets them in the right seat.

We also have Potential Ventures.

This is where we corner stone first time find managers who are so obsessed about an area they need to be given money to help humanity.

And so we gave Peet Denny some cash to start Potential Climate Ventures.

More funds and businesses

There are more we want to start (which i’ll post here in a bit).

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