Who will be the elite when the machines are our slaves ?

Internet – Please break this for me (without descending into ai distopia)

1/ We are entering an era where machines and AI will do the heavy lifting for society.

2/ They will be our slaves, just like humans were in times past.

3/ This is hugely liberating for all society as. human time gets freed up for new value creation.

4/ In this world value wont be measured by ‘inputs / outputs’ but by value created. Where ‘hours worked’ ceases to be relevant.

5/ And this value creation happens to be the domain of the creative class – the leapmakers of he world.

6/ They will become the kings and queens. and the process optimisers a commodity.

I see this coming, I just don’t know the timeline or path.

I do know that the factory models – schools, corporates, governments – are not designed for this world. I see the seeds of creative destruction around me everyday

VC Partner@SAATCHiNVEST. Seed investor in Citymapper, Farewill, Ometria + more. Chief of Staff@Redbrain. NED@Picassolabs. Founder Linkybrains.com

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