What does China want?

Alex Dunsdon
1 min readApr 29, 2018


There is a ton of cash in China. Obviously.

But what do they want in tech investor world. Here’s one view ?

Richard Chen, a total ambition ball – VP at Vertruvian, own £100m fund, and raising £100m crypto fund of funds – told me this.

1/ Conumer Apps are 🤮 BUT Deep tech is 🤩

China will copy anything. They shrug shoulders at consumer and B2B apps as they are easily replicated. BUT they adore deep tech as they can’t do it.

They see London as a total world leader.

If you are in deep tech Or raising a deep tech fund you could do worse than go East.

2/ Global service platforms

They also love global service platforms that dominate. This is very biased to later stage obviously. Examples are:

Ie Skype In Comms

Supercell in games

Farfetch in retail

Spotify in music

Thanks Richard…

In case you need a primer, he said this as we left… “just remember one thing – no one wants European consumer shit”

May be a binary view. But useful directionally ?



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