There are only 2 futures to invest in…

Alex Dunsdon
1 min readApr 30, 2018


This is from a Richard Chen meet yesterday. I can’t get it out out of my head…would love your thoughts..

1/ We all believe in power of data

2/ How we collect data now is centralised (FAANGS)

3/ How we collect data in the future is decentralised (crypto).

4/ When you have all the data you can control all the things. The collective data is more powerful than the human brain. It knows us better than we know ourselves.

5/ Once you are a company with all the data you don’t need to humans to work for you.

6/ Power will be more binary than we can conceive. Most will be begging on the streets.

7/ The US and China have / will have all the big companies. Europe will be a satellite of these states as we don’t own any of them .

If u therefore believe in power of data as ‘the new oil’ it is perfectly logical to have portfolio of only centralised data and — as a response — centralised data. In this version of the world you would hold FAANGS and crypto giants as they emerge.

Binary for sure..

But damn compelling.



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