The second greatest writing resource in the world is….

Alex Dunsdon
1 min readJul 23, 2019


The best ever tip on business writing comes from Scott Adams and is here

The second best imho is this

Absolute genius from the creators of South Park.

Tldr: Your piece will be boring if you have a series of ‘and thens’. The trick is to use ‘therefore’ or ‘but’ and watch your writing transform.

What should happen between every beat that you’ve written down, is either the word ‘therefore’ or ‘but’. So what I’m saying is that you come up with an idea, and it’s like ‘so this happens’ right? And then this happens,’ no no no no! It should be ‘this happens, and therefore this happens. But this happens, therefore this happens.’

Ie the outline would be:

Cartman waved at his mum


She had turned into a bat


Cartman thought he was batman

I just made up that example for fun. The key is to create causation between each sentence. That’s a story.

This is the opposite to most business writing which tend to be a dull sequence of ‘and-thens’. It is also not surprising this happens by the way as the goal of most people in business is to ‘show off’ knowledge rather than tell a story.

My favourite thing about this technique is – like all the best things in life – it is so fricking simple :)

Oh..and this is the best book you can buy on writing ;)


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