“Plan your life backwards”

Last week I met with two hugely successful entrepreneurs. Hustler-in-chief Gary Vaynerchuck and Priceline co-founder Jeff Hoffman. They shared the thing that drove then in life - they called it “planning your life backwards”

The thing that drives Gary on EVERYDAY, and has done since he was 14, is how many people will turn up at his funeral (image on the right).

He says “I plan everything backwards ….everything is reverse engineering…i wake up thinking about what I’m doing that matters, work out a goal that gets me there and then execute to that. Its a process”

The next day I met Jeff Hoffman, founder of Priceline.

His driving force was travel. He was crazy about visiting every place in the world and he chose to do it through business. Priceline is a $70billion business.

He has a card on his mirror which restates desire and every day he pictures getting there. It’s an Nlp type mental belief process.

Reverse engineer your life

What you think is what you do. Believe it and you can do it. Set a goal and get there. The thing is that its’ all a process and to learn that process here’s four books that might change your life.

Napoleon hill – think and grow rich

Robert kiyosaki – The cash flow quadrant

Tony robbins – unlimited power

Ryan holiday – The obstacle in your way

Some of this is nlp type shizzle which sometimes gets a bad rep, but it is sports ‘best kept secret’ — all the top athletes use it to achieve exponentially.

And the processes they follow is the same every time: set a goal, believe you can do it, picture it every day, and execute on it. This is a trait I see (and look for) in entrepreneurs that I work with /have invested in. People like Niall@evrythng, Robin@dojo, Azmat@citymapper, Ivan@ometria and Neil@versarien.

It’s freeing to know that this is not about born genius but, instead, a habit. It’s a process. It’s unsexy. But it works.

If you liked this and want more then this is 😊 Me , 💵What I invest in,⚡A belief in corporate innovation and 😱A movement I helped start by accident . Also check out www.thebakery.com and www.saatchinvest.com

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