If being ‘contrarian and right' is the game. Who are the contrarian Investors?

It’s a well established truth in that outsized returns in venture (and investing generally) come from being contrarian and right.

Source https://blog.wealthfront.com/venture-capital-economics/

So who are the contrarian venture investors in Europe? Here is a starter for 10 list..

Bill Earner @ Connect Ventures (natural born contrarian)

Nathan Benaich @ ? won’t-tell-me (also made the single most exciting vc bet in the Pfair portfolio imho)

Chris Tottnam @ Notion (brain sees things others can’t)

Ricardo Sequerra @ Cherry 🍒

All are deep thinkers who are wired a bit differently and don’t care what other people think (by definition I guess).

Who have I missed? A lot of people in crytpo probably. Who else?

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