Founder-Product-Market Fit

Lots of people talk about Product-Market-Fit.

But there is one step better …Founder-Product-Market-Fit (h/t Naval Ravikant)

These are founders who couldn’t do any other business.


It is an extension of themselves and their soul, they are living their fullest and truest expressions.

You will know when you have it.

It’s where work doesn’t feel like work.

Many people search their whole life for this. In my experience most never find it. If you have it, cherish it.

I spend my life hunting these. For my own soul as much as anything. They transcend tech. They are so much bigger and more interesting. These founders are creating movements, or cults as i call them. And it just so happens that cults attract the best people.

Some cults I’ve invested in .

If you liked this and want more fun then this is 😊 Me , 💵What I invest in,⚡A belief in corporate innovation and 😱A movement I helped start by accident

VC Partner@SAATCHiNVEST. Seed investor in Citymapper, Farewill, Ometria + more. Chief of Staff@Redbrain. NED@Picassolabs. Founder

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