Alex Dunsdon
2 min readNov 27, 2019


Finding my Daemon

It has taken me 41 years to work our what I was put on this earth for.

It’s my path, my purpose, my calling, my Daemon.

I write this in the hope that it may will take you less time. 🙌.

I’m here to help people up ladders.

Whether it’s my family, the startups I work with, employees, coaching people…it’s all I do.

I had been searching for this forever as (like most people) I took on other people’s expectations from family, school, work.

Then I found the trick…

It was only when I gave myself permission to play and explore when i found it. And then trusted it.

Below is a list of things I did to get there. None were planned. I just trusted i was getting close when i felt a surge of energy through my body. I noticed it. And simply did more of the things that made me feel it.

Here’s the list of things…

- Shut off my rational brain. We are taught to always reason things but imho there is nothing rational about this.

- Write write write. Try the artists way technique for 2 weeks

- What feels like play ? I did more things that felt like that.

- I told people what I was doing. When you start suspecting you are in the right direction, tell people. Change your social profile, write posts about it. Say you are already the thing you want to be. Is amazing what comes back to you.

- I blocked out my calendar with ‘Thinking Time’ to be free to do whatever feels good in that moment without the guilt – this is a great tip from Marc Andreessen.

- Open yourself up to synchronicities.

- Do experiments. Write a blog. Read a book about it. Do all the things you feel guilty about because you have no time.

- Go through your linkedin. Write a list of who feels like a good person to meet. Meet them for no reason.

- Follow your energy. If it it feels good do it.

- Create your financial safety net. This might mean leaving your job, going in later, saying no to more things. Plan out the financial WORST CASE scenario. It is rarely as bad as people catastraphise about.


Know that you have not been trained for this. At every step a voice in your head will try to protect you and tell you that you are wasting your time, that you will be broke, that you will never work again etc.

Give that voice a kiss, say thank you and keep going. Is amazing what you will find 😉



Alex Dunsdon

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