Do you who feel like the mask doesn’t fit..?

Are you are wearing the wrong clothes?

I speak to people every day with some version of:

— Creatives feeling dead inside because they aren’t creating
— People trapped in office jobs they hate because it’s what their parents wanted.
— Mates addicted to a bunch of unhelpful behaviours that helped them cope in the past but aren’t helpful now.
— Colleagues super scared to do anything because of what other people think
— Career people who deep down don’t want to be a CEO but keep climbing the ladder because the internet tells them that that is what success is.

I have spent a decade shedding fears. It might just be the most important thing any of us can do

Peeled away the layers of fear and lived my truest self.

As @Naval says

““Life is not about finding where you fit in but figuring out finding the people that fit to you”

Here are the things that help me on that path. They are slightly random. You can pick or choose. Some are kinda deep, some are hacks. All were helpful to me.

1. Work out what your addiction is. We all have them. They are short term helpful, long term unhelpful —

2. Ask yourself this question, ‘What is the quality I need to have in my life to feel most worthwhile”, then work out the things this allows you to do more of that —

3. If you have too much chaos in your life….this is the most useful guiding principle I know. Life is a balance between chaos and order —

4. Get drunk and write down the truest most uncensored version of who you are. I wrote this post. It was like a ‘coming out’ and the first time I accepted me. It was a relief. A massive relief.

5. Spend time exploring. Our brains need time for the dust to settle. Trust serendipity.

6. Write a list of people you want to work with and for. For many people it is a short list. But go meet them. Then be scanning for other people like them.

7. Trust your subconscious. We have two brains that can’t quite communicate with each other. Recognise the chatty voice in your head is not you. Read this.

8. Don’t work with someone for a day that you can’t work for for the rest of your life.

9. Don’t keep a schedule

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