The first sign that you don’t care about your startup comes when you send a pitch deck that looks like someones thrown up on it…

You may laugh…

But it happens all the time…

So here is a gallery of the best. It’s a great resource.

Hopefully that should help get you to a good deck, but if you want a GREAT deck…that’s harder.


Because it’s a process of simplicity, and simplicity takes time.

I was going to write you a short letter but I didn’t have the time”. (Mark Twain)

1 Crowdsource what the best do (see above)

2 Phone your network and ask them who the best storyteller in the industry is.

3 Absorb and iterate. Third parties are helpful – they make you see trees through woods.

4 Test it IRL with friendly people in the industry and / or your tier 3’ investors.

5 Then pitch to the people you really want money from.

6 Get £££££££££££’s

There’s another post here about how to do super emotional and persuasive storytelling (which tech co’s generally suck at) but we’ll save that for another post.

Hope helpful…



you should also plan for 3 versions of your deck

  1. A 4 pager. This is a teaser. Enough to get an investor meeting.
  2. A 10 pager. This is to tell your story more fully in the meeting.
  3. A full monty. That has key data to hand. This can be anything up to 40 pages by the time you’ve been through a number of meeting and investor questions.

PPs This may also help

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