Here is a roundup of some of my recent press appearances talking about venture, investment, crypto, and corporate innovation.

Sunday Times: Feature on SAATCHiNVEST being most prolific corporate fund in Europe as per p27 of this CB insights report.

Forbes: On how corporate accelerators are mostly ‘innovation theatre’

Management Today: Interview with William Mougayar: “To really understand Bitcoin you need to understand decentralisation.

Financial Times: On Crypto — “it has the kind of assymetric upside you see once in a generation”

Deloitte Innovation Blog: How Startup / Scale Up Collaboration works

VC Partner@SAATCHiNVEST. Seed investor in Citymapper, Farewill, Ometria + more. Chief of Staff@Redbrain. NED@Picassolabs. Founder

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