“Be Fucking Vulnerable”. A simple insight that might just change your world.

I was with the very smart and successful Mark Evans of Kindred a few weeks back. He gave me lots of insight but this one stayed with me…

He said “BE FUCKING VULNERABLE..its the key to everything in business and life”


“….we’re all monkeys sharing information and, what you really really want, is to create meaning at a deep level.

Being vulnerable is the way to get there.

It’s counterintuitive but when you’re vulnerable you help the other person be that way. And when you’re both vulnerable you’ve gone a level deeper.

Surface chat about business, hobbies and the rest melt away. What people really want to know is who you are, what drives you, what you hope for and what you fear.

They want to know what makes you, you. And BOOOM. You are now strong. Like a bridge. And have a bond for life.”

How do you go about it? I asked.

“As soon as you can in the conversation. Open up your body language. Tell them your fears….…then watch them reciprocate. I do the exact same thing whether I’m with my neighbours or the CEO of Alibaba

Try it.

It may just be the secret to being influential with absolutely anyone.

..And the more you build the better your life will be. It’s a simple equation”


Try it.

1/ Open every conversation with a fear

2/ Open your body language

3/ Go deep early.

4/ Go round collecting as many as possible.

Some won’t go there, but most do. And when they do you will have a bond for life.

It’s like a magic trick.

Update : I have been told this is brilliant by Gailynn at ipsos and David Caygill ;)

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